Boot Camp



What does the boot camp include?

Most boot camps run for six weeks and each week studios will have some study material, a short video to watch, a checklist of homework, and a live conference call with instruction from Million Dollar Dance Studio consultants. You can track your progress and interact with other boot camp participants right here on this site.

During these six weeks you'll become an expert at attracting and retaining students. We'll help you develop your marketing strategy from advertising, to first contact with prospects, scheduling first classes, and student retention. We'll teach you insider secrets to decreasing the amount of work it takes to run a studio and making your current studio immediately more profitable. This information is invaluable.

You'll get your own secure login to the Million Dollar Dance Studio site. When you log in you'll have access to all the lesson plans, materials, and your checklist where you can see exactly what you've finished and what still needs to be done. You also get unlimited access to the boot camp forums where other participants can post and answer each others' questions, offer advice, and share success stories.

There are also several other bonuses you'll find along the way, but we'll keep those a secret for now. You'll have to enroll and get to work in order to find out what they are!

Can I sign up any time?

Yes, registration for boot camp is always open. Once you register you'll receive a login to the site and some preliminary study materials that will help you get a running start before the training actually begins. Boot camps start at specific times of the year and several studios will be enrolled along with you.

But, we limit enrollment in each session to 10 studios. Get signed up NOW, or you might have to wait for the next session to begin.

How long is the boot camp?

Boot camps run for 6 weeks. You'll see a HUGE improvement in the efficiency and profitablity of your studio after just these 6 weeks. More importantly, you'll know what you need to do to CONTINUE that growth.

Your initial investment also gives you access to the secure parts of the site for an entire year. You'll get continued support for your business through the forums and more as you continue to grow your studio over the next year.

Do I have time for this?

Yup! And, it will create more free time for you.

This is the kind of thing you do in your spare time. We're not going to kid around with you, it is going to take some time. Everything that is worthwhile does take time. But, this is the kind of time you need to be investing in your business. Each week there is a short video presentation that takes no more than 10 minutes to watch and review. There is a weekly live teleconference that you should try to attend. If you can't make it to the call you can listen to it online afterwards. This call usually runs about an hour. There will be some homework each week that should be completed before the next teleconference. We'll walk you through it all and help you as much as we can.

You need to make time for this. It has worked for many, many studios and will work for yours too!

How do I sign up for boot camp?

Registration is easy. Just fill out the registration form  and you're done. As soon as you register you'll get immediate access to the secure side of the site and be able to begin the training whenever you're ready. Technically, the boot camp starts with the first scheduled teleconference, but there are a few assignments you should complete before that. So, make sure you get registered as early as possible.

How much does it cost?

Boot camp costs $399 for the six week session.  members only pay $199 (a savings of $200).

Is it worth it?

The price for boot camp is scheduled to go up every year. The sooner you enroll the lower your investment.

We call it an investment because that's how you should think about it. How many new students do you have to sign up to make a return on your investment? If you go through the boot camp and get just one new idea that helps you get one new student per month over the next year was it worth it? What if you increase monthly enrollment by 10 students and each of those train with you for at least a year? Yeah, it's worth it!

Studios are applying these principles and seeing huge results. We've seen studios literally double their enrollment in less than a year. It's going to depend mostly on how much you are willing to dedicate to the system. This is much more than just learning some new marketing ideas. During the six weeks of the boot camp you'll have specific assignments each week, and encouragement from other studio owners going through the same thing. We'll do our best to keep you accountable and make sure you make real, positive changes to your program.

How do I pay for boot camp?

When you fill out registration form  you'll enter credit or debit card information.

Do you offer some sort of guarantee?

Absolutely! You can read more about it here.

Basically, you get your money's worth or you get it all back. We can do this because of how confident we are that you'll be satisfied with the boot camp. Studios see real, dramatic results in just six weeks. 

My payment failed what should I do?

Contact us  and we'll do our best to help you out. Make sure the billing zip code is correct, as many banks (not all) use this to verify a payment.

Who should sign up for boot camp?

Current studio owners. People planning on openning studios in the future. Anyone interested in growing the size of their studio. Anyone interested in having more free time without putting more pressure on their business. Anyone not satisfied with the income they're making from their studio.

We've spent a lot of time making the contect of this training system relevant to the greatest number of people possible. Whether you are a new studio owner or have been in business for years you'll find that this boot camp is valuable. We are studio owners ourselves and put OURSELVES through this training again EVERY SIX MONTHS!

Will it work for my studio?

Whether or not it works really just depends on how much you'll dedicate to it. It has worked already for studios of all types in all kinds of locations. It can work for you as well. We'll give you all the information, training, tools, and support you need to make the changes you need to make.

It will work.

What if I don't finish it?

The tuition you pay to participate in boot camp is good for an entire year. We'll push you to finish it all in the six weeks of the actual boot camp, but you'll have an entire year of continued access. Realistically, it won't every take anyone that long, but we give you access for whole year so you can get continued support and encouragement from other studio owners. You'll get a lot done in the first six weeks, and then you'll continue to develop things for the life of your business.

What if my competitor already signed up?

We limit enrollment in boot camp to one studio per metropolitan area. If there is another studio already enrolled in boot camp that is within a reasonable driving distance to your studio you'll have to wait and take another section. The key is to get signed up right away and prevent your competitors for joining your section.

I don't see my question answered here.

Feel free to contact us  with any other questions that you might have.