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You can build the financially successful dance studio of your dreams without a huge investment, and without going crazy!

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It's not about what you know. It's all about what you don't know. That's where you get in trouble. Maybe you're already an accomplished dancer, or teacher, or performer. If you already own a studio, you know that's not enough.

Most of us didn't get into this business because we wanted to be bill-payers or bill collectors. The good news is that you don't have to be. We'll show you exactly how to organize and manage your business so that you can keep control of everything, While still having time to do what YOU want, and without going crazy.

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Fill Your Studio With High-Paying Students

Marketing is so much more than advertising. What if you could attract the type of students that aren't just going to be good students, but that are also willing to pay a premium for your classes? Getting that type of student through the door and enrolled is the first part of growing a financially successful studio.

Trying to market the way everybody used to just doesn't work any more. It's not about putting on a great show, or keeping your best foot forward, or just getting your name out there. That doesn't work. Marketing today is all about driving immediate action. How do you get people to not just respect your product, but to put their money (and time) where their mouth is?

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When you sign up for a FREE account at Million Dollar Dance Studio you'll get access to an exclusive audio presentation of "Six Ways to Raise Your Tuition." Every growing studio has hidden sources of value. They are almost always under-valuing themselves. Raising tuition is one of the first steps to building a strong financial base to build a powerful studio.

The information on just this one program could help you double your studio income over the next year. And it's yours for FREE when you sign up, just so that we can show you a small piece of what we have to offer. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

Protect The Business That You've Built!

You know that this is a competetive business. You can't afford to fall asleep at the wheel. What are you actively doing that will protect your studio against those that are out head-hunting your students? What's to keep them from joining the studio down the street? What's to keep your own staff from becoming frustrated, quitting, or even worse, opening up shop on their own and taking half your student base with them?

Not only can we teach you how to protect yourself and your business against losing all that you've worked to build, we can show you how to automate it all. We can show you how to train your staff the right way so that they remain dedicated and loyal to YOU first. A loyal staff creates loyal students (and parents), and has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Paying staff more is not the answer. Lowering tuition is not the answer. Both of those are mistakes. We'll show you why, and exactly what to do about it.

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