Successful Studio Case Studies

Take a moment to review these brief studio success stories. Our clients run many different types of programs in all kinds of different areas. While every studio is unique in it's own way, there are consistent principles that work today to grow them all.

There's something to learn from each of them.


Six-figure Studio

Jenny started a studio from scratch and grew it to a business that provides her family with a six-figure income in just a few months.

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Next-Level ROI

Nik and his wife were able to take their studio to the next level getting a literal 1000% return on what they invested in our program.

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$300,000 Goal

Setting agressive goals is a big part of making big changes. Bonnie and her team are building great things!

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Average Student Value

Emily was burned out. She implemented like a superstar and increased her cash collected on new enrollments by 10 times.

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Automating From a Distance

Pia's program is not only more profitable, she's able to run it while performing professionally more than 700 miles away.

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Income Doubled in 4 Days

Lynn has been in business for more than 42 years. A few simple changes and she doubled the income from 80% of her student base.

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More Value in Your Offer

There are some very specific tools studios usually need to implement to take their studio to the next level.

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Growing Even in Tough Times

If these systems can literally work to increase profit during a pandemic shutdown, imagine what they can do for you now.

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Benefits From a Group

You're not alone in trying to grow your business and surrounding yourself with like-minded studio owners makes a difference.

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Not Like Other Programs

Maybe you've been through other programs and left wanting better results. Listen to how other compare what we have to offer.

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Not Just Kids Classes

What if you're not just in the kids market but run classes for adults or fitness-related programs as well? Works for that too.

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Concrete and Measurable Results

It's not just about feeling better about your business or putting some admin and budgeting plans together. This is about real concrete measurable results.

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Upgrade Your Skill Level

Even experienced marketers have some things to learn about the instructional studio industry. Let's take your skills to the next level.

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Build the Courage You Need

Making changes can be hard, especially when you're moving against the crowd. Make sure you have the support you need to develop the courage to change what you need.

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Social Media That Works

Before working with us Jennifer was boosting posts and spending too much time working on tasks that didn't bring any results.

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