Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

It's important to remember that we don't work with every studio. In order to get started please fill out this form here

After filling out that form you'll be redirected to a calendar where you can choose a time that's convenient for you to spend 30 minutes or so talking about your studio, what you've tried, and what's keeping from reaching your goals. Then, if we feel like it makes sense to work together, we might invite you to work directly with us in one of our programs.

Will this work in my area?

We have clients in all kinds of locations, economies, and circumstances. If we focus on developing the fundamentals first then we see success in both rural and urban areas; areas with high competition; even areas with more economic challenges. The key is to focus on the fundamentals first. Then, we watch the stats like a hawk and customize and optimize systems based on what we learn.

What if everyone in my area charges less than me?

Too many studios are trying to compete on price. It's like they're all attempting to be the 'Walmart' of dance studios. This is a huge mistake and one we attempt to help correct as studios move through our training.

While aggressively raising your tuition might not be the first thing we recommend studio owners change, we will work with them to help update their marketing messaging so that they can demand higher tuition rates if they choose to. . . independent of how thick the competition is in their area.

Everyone in my area travels for the Summer. Does that matter?

So many studios struggle during the Summer. The reality is that most areas don't see grocery stores and gas stations shut down during these months. That means that there ARE people in the area willing to spend money.

If that's true, it's just a matter of staying in front of the right people with the right message. Structuring your programs correctly means that you'll see an uptick in cash flow in the month of July. No more dreading bills over the Summer!

We understand how unbelievable that sounds, but we have the numbers to back it up!

How are you charging such large down payments?

When students or parents see the value in what you really offer you'll be able to do more than just raise your tuition rates. You'll also be able to easily collect large down payments on the front end of student enrollment. It's all about how you talk to people and how you demonstrate real value. Our training modules extensively cover the techniques that our clients use to accomplish this.

I'm not "techy," can I do this?

Technology is a success accelerator, but it's never the only key to growth and more profit. We've done our best to simplify any tech that you'll need to interact with. Our staff is also trained to help you every step of the way if you need it. Messaging your marketing correctly is much more important than any specific technology.

Don't worry, you CAN do this!

I'm a one-person business?

Great! Do you want to be? The goal is to help studios to become so hyper-profitable that they can easily afford to hire help if they want to. Or, if you'd rather just run a ridiculously successful business on your own you can make that choice.

I already have a large staff...

No problem! If you have a large staff that usually provides some additional leverage we can take advantage of to get even more done faster.

How is your consulting program different from everything else out there?

Good question. We pride ourselves on being the best in the world at what we do. We have great insights that other self-proclaimed gurus are missing because we are multi-location studio owners ourselves. We currently own and operate hyper-profitable programs with very little of our personal input.

Beyond that we also have access to some proprietary data. We’ve developed a number of software management tools that studios from all over use. We’re able to compile that data and notice new trends and opportunities before anyone else.

We’ve taken what we’ve learned and distilled it into easy-to-follow programs that help other studios to take advantage of that knowledge as well.

Will you teach this stuff to my competitors?

We’ve specifically designed our systems so that we would all be better off if our competitors implemented our systems. We have clients that are technically ‘competitors’ of our own studios.

What if all studios were willing to raise their tuition rates? What if all studios made it the ‘norm’ to charge large down payments BEFORE enrollment? What if all studios learned to message their offering to help MORE people in our communities to be interested in what we all offer? What if all studios were better at retaining the students they had and could make more money working with fewer people? Make sense? Everybody wins.

I teach something unique/different. Can you still help me?

We actually developed the systems we teach while growing enrollment in a large capoeira program. What's that? You don't know what capoeira is? Exactly. If we can get it to work for capoeira in our own studios we can get it to work for any style. (By the way, capoeira is a Brazilian art form that is a combination of martial arts, dance, music, and acrobatics.)

Can this work for programs that sell drop-in classes?

Unless you're great at retaining drop-in students over the long term we probably won't be a good fit. It's too hard to get results for a student when they only come in and drop in for classes inconsistently. On the other hand, if you're willing to shift to longer-term commitments for students we're experts at making that happen.

We should chat more because we might be the best fit to show you how to make that transition.

Do I have to use your software?

Our studio management software is awesome. It's a great balance of power and simplicity. It was developed specifically to manage the systems that we teach in our business consulting. Our clients get to use it for free when they're in our programs and get a 50% discount for life if they choose to continue using it.(Most do.) However, if you're more comfortable using what you're currently using that's perfectly fine as well. We provide it as a supplemental tool and believe it's the most effective way to manage the work you and your staff do at your studio.

How much does your consulting program cost?

We're not the cheapest program, and we genuinely believe we're the best in the world at what we do.

Our case studies from past and current clients speak for themselves. We also practice what we preach. What we teach in our own programs we implement at all of our own locations as well.

Many of our clients find that using access to credit, or even borrowing the money to invest in working with us is the best decision they've ever made for their business. Because of this, the cost of the program is rarely what keeps us from working together.

We don't make an offer to anyone that we don't believe will see a massive return on investment through implementing our systems. The best way to see if we're a good fit is to schedule a FREE strategy session where our staff can learn a little more about your studio, your business, and your goals.

How long will it take me to get results?

Of course this depends a lot on how much time you're able and willing to invest. The faster you implement, the sooner you'll see massive results. We have also designed our programs to help studios get to the low-hanging fruit as quickly as possible. Not every studio is in the same place. You'll see how we can show you how to focus on not just what to implement, but in what order.

I'm not super familiar with you guys, how can I trust you?

Great question! You should be skeptical. Take a moment and review all of the case studies and our core values. Do your due diligence. Then, hop on a free strategy session with our team and let's see if what we offer would be a good fit to help you accomplish your own personal goals.

What happens after the 8 weeks? Is there continued support?

Some people choose to continue working with us after the initial lower-level consulting program. While that's not the right fit for everyone, we want to cause you new problems! Better problems. Many of the studios in our ongoing mastermind training are buying or building new spaces to accommodate more students. Many are moving themselves out of the day-to-day operations of their business. Some are even working to set their businesses up to be sellable some day. See? good problems!

Is there a guarantee?

Most of the results that studios get out of working with us come because they implement ferociously what we teach. This is a done-with-you program not a done-for-you program. If all you do is learn some new things and never implement, it's pretty hard to expect to see any real results. The longer it takes a studio owner to make real change, the longer it will take to see results.

While we can't guarantee that every client we have will implement what they learn, we can guarantee that if you implement you'll see the results. Just like all of the studios we work with!

What are typical results?

Of course this varies a little bit depending on where your studio business development is currently at.

The goals and results we're shooting for with a studio that just opened last week might be different from what we're trying to do with a large well-established studio.

Our first goal is to help studios find the shortest path to adding an additional $100,000 to their income as quickly as possible. On our one-on-one strategy session phone call we can lay out for you a customized path to accomplishing that if you'd like.

If that sounds like a compelling goal for you to achieve then we should probably hop on a call and chat some more!

How do I know this will work for my business?

The principles are sound. We back up our claims with math. While we need to learn a little more about your current situation before we can say for sure that what we have will help to grow your studio, we don't just make that decision based on a gut feeling. Our staff can review some very specific numbers with you and then show you how to make the decision based on those simple formulas.

The question usually comes down to "how fast do you want to grow?"

How much additional do I need to spend on advertising?

Once again, this is going to depend a little bit on your own goals and how quickly you'd like to grow your studio enrollment. But, the systems that we teach will show you how to offset the cost of ANY advertising method we recommend with the cost of the intro program at your studio. We're literally building a money-printing machine.

Advertising that works is an investment that pays quick returns. It shouldn't be seen as a liability unless you don't know how to make it work.

All of that being said, most studios choose to kick-start their advertising budgets anywhere from $5 to $10 per day as they're ramping things up.

Can I speak to someone who has gone through the program?

Usually not. We don't ask our clients to field testimonial calls for us. That's why we've recorded so many case studies.

We won't ask you to do that either, though we'd love to add you to our collection of successful clients by recording a testimonial video with you after you've implemented what we teach.

I can’t find anything about the company on the web. Who are you guys?

Our goal isn’t to win a popularity contest. Our goal is to help studios have a bigger impact on their communities. We’d love to show you how we can accomplish that with your own studio while significantly increasing your own personal income.

We’re happy to supply you with case studies of past clients to review if needed. We understand that especially non-profits sometimes need something like that to ‘grease the wheels’ with the board of directors. Just reach out and we’ll help any way that we can.

Is this just a marketing program? What other components of my studio business can you help with?

Everybody believes they have a marketing problem. Lots of studios feel like if they could just “get their name out there” they’d have a lot more students. While that’s not entirely untrue, when we take a deeper dive into the numbers we always find some lower-hanging fruit that can increase the profitability of their business.

Ultimately, that’s the goal. We want to help studios to become hyper-profitable without having to be hyper-efficient. It’s not about you being able to run a perfectly organized business. There is an easier way!

Do I have to do all this work myself?

Running a successful studio does take a lot of work. Especially if your goal is to provide exceptional customer service. Handing off work to staff members and having effective systems in place to train and manage those people efficiently is something we help studios do all the time.

We do recommend that founders usually learn each individual job themselves before handing that work off to someone else. This usually means investing your own time in the work for about two weeks before training someone else to take it on.